Just the Goods { Review }

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As most of you all know, (and if you don’t be sure to check out my about me page for my story), I am constantly on the hunt for great skincare and makeup products that are natural + organic + vegan + chemical free!

I stumbled upon Just the Goods while looking for skincare products on I ordered a sample pack and was pleasantly surprised that even though it’s a very small company, I received multiple emails updating me on the shipment. (Always a nice thing when ordering things online!)

I’ve been waiting to post about the products until I had used them for several days. In my cute little sample bag I got:


  • just the goods moisturizing + exfoliating vegan face wash for oily/combination skin
  • just the goods cleansing vegan toner for oily/combination skin
  • just the goods vegan moisturizer for normal/sensitive skin
  • just the goods sweet orange vegan lip balm

I was pretty nervous when I first put these products on my face. I’ve tried other “all natural” products that caused breakouts and irritation. That was not a problem here!

The toner was amazing. It has a very strong smell but don’t freak out because it’s just tea tree oil. For me it actually took me back to my childhood and putting tea tree oil on bug bites after playing outside all day. The toner stings a tiny bit, but I just chalked that up to the tea tree oil on my skin. It didn’t leave any irritation or redness, so I wasn’t concerned.

I don’t have terribly acne prone skin but had just had a bad break out–within two days of using this it was gone!

The moisturizer was my favorite of all the products. It was so soothing and lovely. There isn’t much to say about it other than it was the perfect combination of moisturizing without being greasy. I’m really sad though because this one contains soy. It’s a natural preservative so it’s definitely much, much better for you than any chemical preservative! But I have too much estrogen already so applying something with soy to my skin every day is not an option. ): For anyone without issues with soy, however, I highly recommend it!

The same goes for the vegan lip balm. It was so soothing and has a lovely orange flavor. But it also contains soy. This one I am less concerned about, because you’re not spreading it all over your face, so I will probably keep and enjoy this lip balm!

The only product I didn’t like was the face wash. It was super sticky and grimy. It took forever to get it off of my face. It may have just been the particular formula I ordered, but still, a bit disappointing. :/

Overall though, I am so impressed with this company! There’s a lot of guidance on their website about which products to get for your specific skin type. And there’s a whole section dedicated to soy-free products. All of their products are vegan and they use organic products as much as possible.

I highly recommend checking out just the goods and adding some of these natural skin care products to your collection! I know I’ll be adding some more to my makeup bag.

What are your favorite natural skincare products? Any new companies I should check out? Leave me a comment below!

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