the one where Lynn gets married.

Almost exactly 30 days ago, I said “I do” to¬† the man of my dreams. Micah has been my rock through almost two years of sickness and long distance. Finally, after a stupidly long engagement (seriously ya’ll, a year and a half is too long) we had our absolutely amazing wedding!

Thanks to 28 North Photography, as well as an entire year of planning (I was sick in bed, I had nothing else to do but plan), I feel like this wedding was pretty Instagram worthy.

One or two things went wrong, including my maid of honor dislocating her knee on the dance floor. Yeah. Having paramedics roll in right before heading up to the bridal suite was interesting to say the least. But despite those moments, it was honestly the most perfect and wonderful day of my life.

I seriously cannot get enough of these photos!

I fell in love with this dress the second I put it on. If you’re in the Central Florida area, definitely check out Lily’s Bridal Outlet. Great prices and wonderful staff.


I am absolutely overjoyed with my bouquet and eucalyptus floral crown from Dream Designs. So, so gorgeous!!!



We went with mismatched bridesmaid dresses. It was a bit risky since my bridesmaids all lived in different places across the country. And if I was advising anyone else I’d say be sure to give more direction to your bridesmaids than “long, pink dress.” Thankfully, it turned out just perfect! Look at these lovely ladies!


And check out these guys and my crazy handsome husband! We went super simple on the groomsmen attire, but I absolutely loved it! (Got those super nice bowties an amazon for crazy cheap!)


Overall the most amazing and fun day of my life. Leave me some comments with your best/worst wedding day stories! Also, be sure to leave any questions or advice about weddings in the comments as well.




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later loves!



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