short hair don’t care!

One of the most frustrating things about being this sick is losing the simple things. I’ve been going through a super intense mold detox which has, for the time being, heightened all my other symptoms. My body has been so weak that the other day, I army crawled out of bed into the kitchen because my husband couldn’t hear me.

And since taking a bath everyday isn’t feasible, I’ve become a 22 year old with a shower seat.


As embarrassing as it is, I gotta say, it makes shaving your legs a whole lot easier! But even with the added help of the seat, washing my hair was still too hard to do. My arms would give out before my hair was even wet enough to shampoo.

For a lot of us with chronic illness, our hair is our pride and joy. It’s one of the only things that we can still feel confident in when our bodies have given out. A lot of people feel like they’re giving up when they chop their hair off.

But having short hair makes me feel sassier and stronger! Short hair don’t care! If you have to chop it all off, or even lose your hair due to your illness. Embrace it! Be edgy and be sassy!

I went from this:




To this!




It takes me literally two minutes to wash my hair now, no energy wasted, and I get to feel sassy and cute. If you’re in the Orlando, FL area definitely go visit @katumlinson on insta and book a hair appointment with her!

Have you ever lost your hair due to illness or chose to chop it all off for illness related reasons? Post some before and after pics in the comments or tag me on insta!! @lifeaslynn.z




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