Rejuva Minerals Review

About a week ago I received a PR package from Rejuva Minerals in the mail. I was so excited!

Rejuva Minerals is one of the top recommended green makeup brands, but I’d never gotten a chance to try it.

Clean, natural beauty products (well, quality ones anyway) cost in the same range as high end products you’d find at a Sephora.

Rejuva is sold mostly (if not solely) online so I never got a chance to test it out. Well, after receiving this PR package, I can say they definitely have a customer for life!


First I tried the Flawless Finish Cream Foundation. I was super nervous because I have crazy dry skin. I never go with powder or cream foundations, simply because of how dry my skin naturally is. But I gave this a try!

I was SO impressed with how full coverage this stuff is!




It is so smooth and creamy. Setting it with a light powder prevented any creasing throughout the whole day. As expected, it did get a tad bit cakey after several hours, but I attribute that to my dry skin.

If it had been the formula itself my face would’ve been a disaster by the end of the day. So I simply used a spritz of refreshing rose water (I use Herbivore Botanicals) and that brought it right back to life. For those with combination to oily skin this foundation would be ideal.

It doesn’t apply super well with  just a beauty blender (probably the thicker consistency of a cream foundation vs. the liquid foundation I’m used to) but it applies like a dream with a Morphe M439 brush.

After applying the foundation, I got to try out the super creamy pink eyeshadow they sent along! I absolutely love this eyeshadow. It is so hard to find good quality eyeshadows that don’t contain talc or other crummy things.

It’s easy to apply and blend but it’s an extremely pale pink. It would work much better as a base than as anything else. I used the pink as a base eyeshadow and then had some fun with the other palettes I have on hand. Here’s the finished look.


I was also sent some Rejuva mascara. Their MegaLash mascara is fantastic! It’s the first natural, chemically safe mascara I’ve tried though, so as I try others I’ll be sure to compare. It’s not waterproof at all, but that’s actually really good if you have eyes that are easily irritated.

The chemicals used in mainstream mascara brands can cause a ton of irritation. Especially for me, my eyes are so sensitive. This stuff however, even when I sobbed, while it did smear (not waterproof) it did not cause any irritation.

All in all, my thoughts are that Rejuva Minerals Cream Foundation is a 10/10 for combination or oily skin. And still an 8/10 for dry skin since it’s not likely to irritate those who are sensitive. A little dryness that you refresh once or twice is a small price to pay for creamy smooth skin.

Not a huge fan of Rejuva eyeshadows. They’re a little too dull/pale for the price.

And finally, their MegaLash Mascara is perfect for highly sensitive eyes. It competes with the best mascaras out there but minus the chemicals.

I am so thrilled I was able to try out this brand. I love supporting chemically safe makeup brands. The world needs more of them!

Go check out their makeup and get 15% off until Sept. 30th using the code “lynn”!

If you’ve tried their products, (or if you try them after this review), leave a comment and let me know what you think!




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2 thoughts on “Rejuva Minerals Review”

  1. Would you mind sharing the colors that you used? I just received a shipment from Rejuva containing the cream foundation, and I’m amazed at how different the shade Buttercream looks on my iPhone screen. Rejuva had a horrible return policy, so now I’m not really trusting what I see on the screen enough to purchase eyeshadow.

    1. Thank you so much for this comment! After I read this I went back and retested the pink eyeshadow I received and was stunned at how pale it was. Maybe I was more tan and it showed up better on my eyes when I wrote this??? Anyway I’ve updated my post to reflect my new thoughts! It was the shade Tropical Sunset. I don’t recommend their eyeshadows after taking a second test. Maia’s Minerals however have INSANELY pigmented eyeshadow so I’d check them out instead. So far their color descriptions have been accurate for me. I believe they’re on my favorites list up above.

      And I’m curious about your issues with their cream foundation. Is it too warm for you or simply not as light as you expected? I use the shade Buttercream as well. I just revisited their site and I see what you mean. I don’t think their warm/cool/neutral assessment of each shade is correct. Buttercream is advertised as extremely light and neutral but in my experience it’s only fair and leans more toward warm than neutral.

      If you let me know what your skin type (oily/dry, etc.) and tone/shade is and I can suggest several other brands with more accurate shades! 🙂

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