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3 Money Saving Hacks For Buying Makeup + Clothes Online!

I am so excited to share these hacks with you! They are so simple yet so helpful! This blog post is relevant for anyone who wants to shop from home, but it’s written especially for people who are bedridden/homebound most of the time and have no choice but to shop online!

This post contains affiliate links. Using them helps support me at no extra cost to you! I never endorse anything I haven’t tried myself and loved. No sponsorships here thankyouverymuch! 

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1. Ebates, Honey, and Wikibuy!

Oh my gosh you guys. I’m so glad I was introduced to this. Ebates is a free Chrome extension that pops up with a whole list of coupons whenever you’re about to make an online purchase. When there isn’t a coupon available (and often even when there is a coupon!) they give you a ton of cash back! It’s so nice. It’s totally free and you get cash back/discounts for purchasing things you’d already buy. You do get emails from them BUT you can easily opt out of those by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of their emails.

And while Ebates is definitely my favorite, I also have the Honey and Wikibuy Chrome extensions. They’re completely free too and when you have all three, sometimes one of them will find a discount the others didn’t!

If you use my affiliate link down below to sign up on Ebates, after you spend your first $25 you’ll get $10 cash back! Seriously it’s the best. $10 back for purchasing things you were literally already going to buy? That’s my kinda shopping.

So click here to sign up and start saving with Ebates!

Add Honey and save even more!

And then add Wikibuy and save even more than that!

2. Amazon Wardrobe – Try Before You Buy

Okay, so this is a super neat idea on Amazon’s part. They have a kinda sneaky system, where you have to return the items with 7 days, so ONLY do this if you have a reliable way to return the package!

The whole “Try Before You Buy” thing has become a shopping hack in my opinion because you can put $230 worth of clothes in your cart, but nothing is charged if you send it all back. I get the thrill of picking out a ton of new things, waiting for them to arrive, and then ripping open the package, with none of the cost! It’s beneficial on a practical level as well because, while not all clothes on Amazon are included in Amazon Wardrobe, there are still plenty of basics like tanks, plain tees, etc. With my energy levels the way they are I hate going shopping for basic or essential clothes.

The deal is that they won’t charge you for anything as long as you return it within 7 days. They start counting the days once the box has physically been delivered to you. You really do have plenty of time. They make it very simple to reseal the box and send everything back. You just walk it into a UPS with the label taped on and you’re good to go! Just don’t lose track of those days!!

3. Eco Beauty Online Boutiques

This one is a bit different than the others. If you’re like me, you stick with the simplest and fastest avenues for buying makeup from home!

*cough* Amazon Prime *cough*

But that’s almost always the most expensive way to purchase eco beauty supplies online and I’ve known people who have had lots of run ins with people who advertise as the company on Amazon but then send a crappy fake product.

These sites below are fantastic options for buying eco beauty products online. They’re totally legit (I’ve purchased from all of them!) and they have 15-20% discounts for first time purchases as well as reward programs! On top of all that, they have a much wider collection of makeup and brands than Amazon or sites like Ulta and Target.

Check them out here!

The Detox Market

Credo Beauty

Integrity Botanicals

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I hope these tips were beneficial for you! I’ve learned from experience that being bedridden = a lot of time on the computer and being on the computer = a lot of online shopping. Oops! But hopefully these online money saving hacks will help cut down on the those costs! (;

If you have any other good money saving tricks leave me a comment down below!!


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