Clove + Hallow: Hit or Miss?

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Clove + Hallow is a glamorous clean beauty brand. Clean beauty means a lot of things, with lots of companies claiming “organic” labels with no basis for it, but Clove + Hallow has a Clean 15 explanation on their website.

I have yet to find a chemically safe, clean beauty concealer that doesn’t crease or fade. Clove + Hallow’s concealer has great coverage and a nice silky application, but unfortunately even with setting powder it creases like crazy. This seems to be true of all chemically safe brands, which makes me wonder what’s in the mainstream brands that keeps them from creasing.

So while the concealer may be a miss–Clove + Hallow is my TOP choice for matte lip products! I hope they expand their line of colors in their matte lip products. Right now these are the colors they offer:

Purchase them here!

That’s just in the lip velvet! They also offer lip glaze and lip cremes in even more colors.

I haven’t gotten the chance to try out the lip glaze and lip cremes. But their lip velvet is incredible.

Lip Velvet in the shade Fiesta

Not only is the red gorgeous on all skin types (check out Clove + Hallows instagram for lots of examples!) but it feels so much better than other matte lipsticks. I don’t wear lipstick very often so I easily get irritated by the feeling of it on my lips. While it still obviously feels like you’re wearing matte lipstick (a bit tight, a bit dry) but in comparison it’s SO light.

It’s advertised to not smudge at all. I can say that this stuff STAYS PUT! I wore it while going out to eat Mexican food. I can’t think of a better test. It did rub off, but in a way that made it SO easy to reapply. Instead of smudging or smearing, it simply got a bit crumbly on my lips. I wiped off a bit of it and it reapplied so smoothly.

I am obsessed with this formula! I ordered another in the shade Sugarbear and hope to collect all of them!

Have you tried Clove + Hallow? Was it a hit or a miss? Let me know in the comments!


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