Hello love!

My name is Lynn and two years ago my life got turned upside down.

I was exposed to a large amount of black mold and the resulting damage to my body–including ME/CFS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and Fibromyalgia–changed my life forever.

For two years I’ve been almost completely bedridden. As I’ve detoxed the mold I’ve begun to improve, but I still wonder if I’ll ever get back to a normal, pain free life.

Over the past two years I’ve become incredibly passionate about the rights of those with disabilities and chronic illness. Especially those disabilities and illnesses that are not often acknowledged by society or the medical community. Turns out when you actually have to use a wheelchair, you become incredibly aware of how unaccessible the world really is.

The only thing I was able to do while I was at my worst was my makeup. I pulled a desk over to my bed and watched all the youtube videos I could find. And since I had to get rid of everything toxic in my environment, I became super involved with and passionate about chemically safe makeup. I found that when my body was falling apart, creating the appearance of health through makeup was a great way to cheer myself up. So as you stumble through this website, you’ll find that I write and vlog about my newfound love of makeup a lot.

I’ve also learned how lonely it is to live with a chronic illness. Having to lay in bed all day, unable to move without pain, doesn’t exactly lend itself to a thriving social life. There are so few resources available to those with unrecognized chronic illness that I wanted to dedicate a portion of this website to “Chronic Collaboration.” A collection of information, groups, connections, and more for those searching for answers and support.

I know it’s an odd mix of lifestyle and chronic illness advice, but that’s the life I live. It’s lifestyle for those with chronic illness. I hope you’ll stick around and share your story.