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Below are links to my current favorite products–make up, bath and body, brushes, clothes, and more! Categories are in alphabetical order. Please note that some links are affiliate links, using them to purchase your products provides this starving artist with a small commission at no extra cost to you!


For the Brows

I am absolutely in love with Plume’s Nourish & Define Brow Pomade! I have dirty blonde hair with slightly darker eyebrows and I use the shade Ashy Daybreak. It is a pomade, so it’s not so great at creating new brow shapes that look super natural, but it’s incredible at filling in your natural brow.


For the Eyes

If you want a great eyeshadow that is completely talc free, I again have to sing Beeyoutiful’s praises. I’ve tried several and I am in love. The only downside is that they only come as lose powders.

Maia’s Mineral Galaxy Makeup offers both matte and shimmery eyeshadows. They come in pressed and powder forms. They are even more pigmented than Beeyoutiful’s (but also a bit more expensive.)



I’ve been loving all different types of lipsticks lately. I used to hate lipstick/lipgloss/anything like it, but once I got into the eco beauty world I found that lipstick is actually amazing!

Here’s a few I love!


Vapour Beauty Siren Lipstick

Burt’s Bees Lipstick

Lip Crayon:

Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon (I am LOVING the shade Bordeaux Vines!)

Lip Gloss:

Au Naturales High Lustre Lip Gloss. They’re currently out of stock in my favorite shade, Nudist, but this lip gloss is the bomb.



My current go to eco beauty primer is Vapour Organics Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfecting Primer. I use the shade S902.

For those who want to save on money and also have crazy dry skin, Acure Argan oil is a fantastic primer.



My go-to chemically safe foundation changes based on the weather. In super dry weather I’m likely to grab Mineral Fusion’s liquid foundation. I use the shade Cool 2 but they have six different shades. I was thrilled the moment I put it on my face! It has great coverage and a beautiful finish. It takes a bit longer than other foundations to fully soak in, so I recommend using less than you think you need, letting that soak in and then building coverage if necessary.

When it’s a bit more humid and my dry skin can get away with it, I grab Rejuva Mineral’s Cream Foundation in the shade Buttercream. As a reader pointed out, their sites color and tone descriptions aren’t highly accurate. So be aware that while Buttercream is depicted as their lightest shade, it’s still on warmer/darker side. It works great on me when I’m in my in between shades. Ya know, not quite tan, not quite ghost like. xD



Currently I am absolutely obsessed with Peachy Bronzer by Beeyoutiful. All of their powders–eyeshadow, bronzer, foundation–are talc free. Talc often contains and/or has similar properties as asbestos. And it’s an ingredient in almost every eyeshadow on the market.

Clearly, it’s not necessary. This is the BEST bronzer I have ever found. (But let me repeat that this is good for use as a bronzer, but not a great intense color for contour.) The Peachy Bronzer is perfect for someone pale like me who always struggles to find a bronzer that isn’t orange. It has a pink undertone and is therefore perfect for us pale gals and guys. They have lots of other options for other complexions as well.

I have yet to find my holy grail of chemically safe contour products.


Facial Masks

Acure’s Brightening Facial Scrub is so nice!

It’s not an actual facial mask, but I love using Acure’s Argan oil over night because I have crazy dry skin.

Acure’s Pore Minimizing Red Clay Mask This mask has a strong clay smell (well duh!) but it’s really refreshing. I don’t recommend it for people with super dry skin however.


Makeup Remover

Okay I am obsessed with Acure’s makeup remover. It’s unscented, chemically safe, and works like a charm. It does sting the eyes a bit so I suggest getting a separate remover for eye makeup. (Or using coconut oil!)



Currently I am loving the Vegan Facial Toner made by Just the Goods. I love their other products too, however, most of them contain soy which over time is not a good thing to be taking in through your skin. The products they carry that are soy-free according to their website are: “all Just the Goods face washes, all Just the Goods facial toners, all Just the Goods facial scrubs, all Just the Goods lip and body scrubs, and all Just the Goods body butters.”